Social Network

New Incentives

Today’s Social Networks are more powerful than the largest nation states on planet Earth. With Billions of users now being controlled and manipulated by AI algorithms, operated by private, for-profit corporations, the social fabric of our global society is being destroyed and given up to the control of Artificial Intelligence.

While for-profit social networks have been trapped to incubate inside of an old monetary system, with no alternative, we will continue to see the same result.

Without a fundamentally new incentive system, and the rising increase of Artifical Intelligence capabilities, the Social Network presents a new solution.

By remove the incentives to grow fiat econimies incentivized to fight wars for resources, or corporations motivated to sell ad revenue for profit, the Social Network is incentivized to create an alternative system, rooted in the simplicity of what protects all life on Earth. Only with the new initial incentives will humanity be able to evolve it’s current system, before AGI hyperscales the old broken one. The Social Network is an experiment for change.

Now Available on Bitcoin

Social Network is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible Layer 2 Rollup with data availability on Bitcoin using Nostr, with gas fees paid in EARTH. This creates native yield, which incentivizes new decentralized social networking economics that support alternative media apps aligned with a better life on Earth.

We invite all developers, social networking applications, and content creators to please contact to begin building on the social network today, for a better tomorrow.

Testnet Chain ID: 149
Chain Name: Social Network Testnet
RPC URL: wss://