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Are you tired of platform algorithms dictating your reach? Frustrated by unfair revenue sharing? Worried about losing access to your audience? Social Network offers a revolutionary alternative that puts you, the creator, in control.

Why Creators Should Choose Social Network

  1. True Ownership: Your content, your rules. No more arbitrary censorship or demonetization.
  2. Fair Compensation: Direct connection with your audience means more of your earnings stay with you.
  3. Censorship Resistance: Your voice can’t be silenced by corporate interests.
  4. Global Reach: Access a worldwide audience without platform restrictions.
  5. Data Control: You decide what data to share and how it’s used.
  6. Innovative Monetization: Explore new ways to earn from your content, including crypto rewards.
  7. Community Governance: Have a say in the platform’s future development.

How to Create on Social Network

Step 1: Select the media you want to share.

Step 2: Upload it to the, which automatically pins it to IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

  • Cannot be censored
  • Remains accessible globally
  • Is truly owned by you

Step 3: Share your content with your audience.

  • Encourage supporters to ‘HEART’ your content.
  • Content with more ‘HEARTS’ gets stored on Earth Farms worldwide, ensuring long-term preservation.
  • Popular content may trigger additional airdrops and exclusive event access. Every 24h EARTH is dropped to top creators.
  • It’s a key metric in our decentralized, community-driven curation system.

Step 4: Explore New Opportunities

  • Collaborate with other creators on the platform.
  • Participate in governance decisions.
  • Experiment with new content formats and monetization strategies.

The Social Network Advantage

By joining Social Network, you’re not just finding a new platform – you’re becoming part of a movement. Here, your success is tied directly to the value you create, not to the whims of a centralized authority.

Transparent Algorithms: Understand exactly how your content is distributed. Community-First Approach: Build genuine connections without invasive ads or manipulative features. Evolving Ecosystem: As the platform grows, so do your opportunities.

Ready to Take Control of Your Creative Future?

Join Social Network today and step into a world where your creativity is truly free, your audience is truly yours, and your potential is truly limitless.