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What is Social Network?

Social Network is the world’s first decentralized, and non-custodial Bitcoin staking protocol. Leveraging the cutting-edge Bitcoin Taproot and Ethereum PoS upgrades, Social Network is on a mission to revolutionize the crypto space by unlocking ~$1 Trillon in Bitcoin value for a new decentralized and regenerative economy.

But that’s just the beginning. Social Network powers a layer two scaling solution for Bitcoin that is reduces the transaction fee (~1 sats/byte), finality (down to ~1 minute), and energy efficiency of Bitcoin (by ~99.9%). As an open source, fair launched social network, the keys to addressing our planet’s social, economic, and environmental challenges are now up to everyone. Join us in decentralizing scaling solutions for Bitcoin, and social networks for Earth.

How to Join

Social Network presents a systemic solution to systemic problems, by uniting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Social Networks aligned with regenerating Earth. There is no greater challenge that humanity faces right now than building this new system, and the change starts with you.