Earth Layers Overview

Social Network is made up of a decentralized network of Earth Nodes, who together, jointly secure the future of innovation on Bitcoin Taproot & Ethereum Staking for the first time ever. This decentralized network is the key to unlocking the potential of the $1T decentralized & regenerative markets on Bitcoin without the systemic risk of centralized exchanges, with significantly less energy, and trust. Ensuring proper decentralization is critical to the stability and security of the entire purpose of Social Network and the blockchain industry.

Recognizing this significant, the network was fully bootstrapped, with no venture capital or other interests, and initial Taproot Farmer onboarding will be done via a referral system to open source and infrastructure providers to both Bitcoin Core and Ethereum Core over the past 7 years. This section will overview the mechanics of the referral system, and how it ensures simplicity, and maximizes stability, security, and progressively decentralizes as the Taproot Farming network grows in size.

Scalable Security - Layers of Earth

Protocol Security operates within a structured framework mirroring the Earth’s geological layers, encompassing five distinctive tiers: Genesis, Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, and Crust. These layers represent crucial milestones in the project’s growth and evolution, each unlocking various benefits and features that contribute to the overall Earth Ecosystem.


The primary driving force behind these layers is the amount of assets staked within them. At its inception, Social Network was exclusively focused on staking Bitcoin. As specific thresholds of Bitcoin are staked, corresponding amounts of EARTH Pegged Tokens are minted, marking the progression through Earth’s layers:

  1. Inner Core: ~ 100 BTC staked to the Social Network
  2. Outer Core: ~ 1,000 BTC staked to the Social Network
  3. Mantle: ~ 10,000 BTC staked to the Social Network
  4. Crust: ~ 100,000 BTC staked to the Social Network

Reaching these milestones not only unlocks unique advantages but also signifies the growth and development of the Earth project.

Earth Layers - Node Operators

The Node system, represented by Node Operators, follows a structured approach with an allocated number of Nodes per layer, each with a specific time commitment:

  1. Inner Core: 9 Node Operators (4-Year Commitment)
  2. Outer Core: 90 Node Operators (3-Year Commitment)
  3. Mantle: 900 Node Operators (2-Year Commitment)
  4. Crust: 9000 Node Operators (1-Year Commitment)

Within this tiered system, the time commitment for Node Operators decreases as the Earth project progresses. In addition to the time commitment, the EARTH Rewards allocated to each Node Operator are determined by the layer and time commitment they are part of. This system is designed to align with Social Network’s mission of promoting sustainable growth and fostering a secure infrastructure.

More details to come on this after preliminary testing of the incentives is completed on the Social Network testnet.

Earth Layers - Community Incentives

The Earth’s layered structure serves as a primary incentive mechanism for the Earth community to actively participate in its growth and development. This encompassing community includes various elements such as Bounty Programs, Ambassadors, Research and Development (R&D) initiatives, Campaigns, Grant Programs, Taproot Farmers, and the entire expanding ecosystem.

As additional security layers of Earth are achieved, EARTH governance allocations will also providing a robust incentive framework to ensure that dedicated contributors are continuously engaged in advancing the Social Network and Social Network ecosystem.

This incentive mechanism is fundamentally aligned with our planet’s well-being and improvement. It emphasizes the importance of collective effort and collaboration to enhance and progress Earth for the benefit of all. As the layers expand and evolve, more EARTH tokens are unlocked, ushering in further advancements driven by the decentralized governance of the Social Network.

This collaborative and incentivized approach is at the core of Social Network’s mission to create positive change for our planet.

For The Earth. Governed by the Earth. To Grow The Earth