Overview of Stakers

Ready to stake your Bitcoin? Participating in Social Network is open to nearly everyone, offering a fair and decentralized opportunity to grow your assets. Here’s why Social Network stands out:

  1. No Limits: There are no restrictions on the amount you can stake, allowing you to invest according to your preferences and goals.

  2. Freedom to Withdraw: You have the flexibility to withdraw your staked assets at any time, giving you full control over your investment.

  3. Fully Decentralized: Social Network is built on a fully decentralized infrastructure. This means that you maintain ownership and control of your assets, reducing the risk associated with centralized platforms.

  4. Competitive Fees: Social Network offers competitive fees compared to other market competitors, ensuring that your rewards remain in your pocket.

  5. Fair Launch: Social Network operates without the influence of investors or early VCs, providing an equitable opportunity for anyone to get involved.

  6. Non-Custodial and Secure: Your assets are staked in a non-custodial manner, which means you retain ownership and control. This enhances security and eliminates the risk of third-party interference. Additionally, Social Network has undergone a comprehensive audit by Halborn to further ensure the platform’s security and reliability.

Please note that participation in Social Network may not be available to residents of the United States.

How to Stake

We’re excited to announce that Bitcoin deposits will open up in Q1 of 2024, providing you with the opportunity to stake your Bitcoin directly on bitoinstaking.com