Social Network is built on a foundation of trusted industry partners, leading infrastructure companies, and veterans in the blockchain space. Our mission is to establish a robust and sustainable validator network for EARTH, anchored by the expertise of our dedicated Node Operators. Nodes are crucial in establishing and securing the core network, and are rewarded for this effort.

Criteria To Become an Earth Node Operator

While the typical path to becoming a Node Operator is referral from the current layer of Nodes, we recognize the value of experienced individuals in this field. Therefore, we offer an alternative route for those who meet our criteria:

  1. Experience: Demonstrate at least one year of experience in operating Bitcoin and/or Ethereum nodes.

  2. Investment: Commit to staking a minimum of 0.1 BTC or Technology Hardware Equivalent

  3. Commitment: Engage in a minimum of 1-year staking term with a minimum SLA for uptime.

Eligibility for Non-Referral Applicants

Even without a referral, your expertise in node operation is valuable to us. If you meet the above criteria, we encourage you to apply.

How to Apply

Ready to cultivate the future with us? Apply Now

After you submit your application, we will notify the Earth Node Committee for review. Should your application meet the criteria, an Earth Ambassador will reach out to you directly. If you apply now and are not immediately accepted, do not worry, we will update you as each layer opens up and the criteria changes.