The Earth Community is the foundation of our project’s mission and success. In this section, we’ll explore the diverse ways you can actively engage and contribute to our vibrant community. Our project operates in a unique Community DAO format, free from external investors, and shareholders. This distinctive structure aligns with our core purpose: to make a positive impact on our planet. Earth is ultimately developed by and for the global community, working collectively for the betterment of everyone on our planet.

Within this community-centric ecosystem, there are various roles that individuals can take on to support and shape the Earth project. These roles encompass:

  1. Ambassadors and KOLs
  2. Grants for Developers and Ecosystem,
  3. Team of Advisors, Contractors, and Volunteers
  4. Bounty Programs,
  5. Airdrops and Campaigns
  6. Ecosystems R&D

And so much more…

Each of these roles plays a crucial part in our journey toward a more sustainable and prosperous future for Earth. Let’s explore the opportunities that await within the Earth Community.

Ambassadors & KOLs

Ambassadors and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are the dynamic voices that amplify the mission of EARTH to the wider world. Ambassadors embody EARTH’s core values and mission, displaying enthusiasm for both environmental sustainability and the Web3 movement. They actively engage with our community, contributing by creating content, sharing insights, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all. Our mission is to have at least 1 Ambassador from every country in the world. Interested in joining as an Ambassador? Anyone can apply for free!

Apply To Be An Ambassador

KOLs bring influential stature to the project, leveraging their strong social media presence across platforms such as X, Telegram, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. They help us get our message out to a broad and diverse audience. KOLs for Social Network excel at creating engaging content, fostering interactions, and sharing our project’s positive mission, contributing to its alignment with our planet’s well-being.

Grants for Developers and Ecosystem

The Earth Ecosystems Grant Program encompasses both technical and non-technical aspects of our project’s development. Developers, Dev Shops, and Pre-Existing projects all have the opportunity to apply for our grants, which support projects of various scales, from small to large builds. We are also open to integration and collaboration with your existing projects. More details, including criteria and application information, will be released in Q3 of 2024. Stay tuned for further updates on how to apply.

Joining the Team: Advisors, Contributors and Volunteers

Are you interested in becoming a valuable part of a dynamic team comprising enthusiastic advisors, skilled contractors, and dedicated volunteers who are shaping the future of Social Network? We are an evolving collective of forward-thinking individuals eager to collaborate with talented and passionate individuals.

Bounty Programs

The Earth Bounty programs represent an exciting avenue for community members and enthusiasts to actively participate in the growth and development of Social Network while earning stBTC rewards for their contributions. These programs are designed to incentivize a wide range of tasks and activities that benefit Social Network. Bounty programs will begin in Q3 of 2024. Be sure to join the waitlist to learn about future of the Earth Bounty Program.

Campaigns, R&D, and So Much More

At Social Network, we have a lot in store for upcoming campaigns, R&D, and other initiatives. Our mission is nothing short of pushing boundaries, redefining incentives, challenging conventional thinking, and, most importantly, effecting profound change on our planet. We dream big, with a vision to leave an indelible, positive impact.

Join The Earth Community

Join us on this journey. Web3 was always destined to be the savior our planet needed, and now is the time to make it a reality. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, with our eyes on a brighter, sustainable future. Our Earth, our home, will thank you, and together, we can bring about the change that’s long overdue. So, come aboard, and let’s set sail towards a future we can all be proud of.