Earth Grants Program

The Earth Grants Program is an innovative initiative designed to support and empower creators of music, art, and other forms of media who are directly utilizing the Bitcoin network to distribute their work to the Regens of Earth. By transparently allocating treasury and protocol revenue, the program aims to foster a thriving creative ecosystem that aligns with the Regens charter and mission of building a more connected, inspired, and regenerative world.

Creators & Artists

The program focuses on creators and artists who are pioneers in the emerging field of Bitcoin-native media, leveraging the unique properties of the Bitcoin network to create, distribute, and monetize their work. By supporting these visionaries, the Earth Grants Program seeks to unlock the potential of decentralized media and empower creators to connect directly with their audience, free from the constraints of traditional intermediaries.

Eligible projects include music albums, visual art collections, short films, documentaries, and other forms of media that are created and distributed entirely on the Bitcoin network. Creators must demonstrate a commitment to the principles of decentralization, open source collaboration, and can begin their application by visiting their nearest park.

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The application process is designed to be accessible and inclusive, encouraging creators from diverse backgrounds to apply. Applicants are required to submit a brief proposal outlining their creative vision, target audience, and distribution strategy, along with a portfolio of their previous work. The Regens, composed of experts from creative industries, reviews each application and selects projects that have the potential to make a positive impact on the Social Network ecosystem.

Grantees may receive funding tailored to their project’s needs, as well as technical support and mentorship from the Regens community. The program provides access to Bitcoin-native tools and platforms, as well as guidance on how to effectively create, distribute, and promote their work on the Bitcoin Layer Two network. Grantees also have the opportunity to collaborate with other creators and developers within the Regens ecosystem, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

To ensure the success and impact of funded projects, the Earth Grants Program works closely with creators to establish clear milestones and metrics for evaluating their progress. Grantees are required to provide regular updates to the Regens community, sharing insights into their creative process, distribution strategy, and audience engagement. The program places a strong emphasis on transparency and accountability, ensuring that funded projects are aligned with the Regens mission and are making a meaningful contribution to the growth of the Bitcoin creative ecosystem.

While still in it’s early stages, as the program evolves, the Regens community is committed to expanding its support for creators and artists, allocating more resources from treasury and protocol revenue to fund a diverse range of projects. The program will also work to build partnerships with other organizations and platforms in the Bitcoin ecosystem, creating new opportunities for collaboration and distribution.

Ultimately, the Earth Grants Program is a catalyst for creative innovation and expression on the Social Network for Bitcoin, empowering creators and artists to build a more vibrant, decentralized, and regenerative new internet ecosystem. By supporting projects that align with the Regens charter and mission, the program is helping to cultivate a new generation of creators who are using the power of Bitcoin to connect with their audience, tell their stories, and inspire positive change in the world.

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