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Imagine a world where your Bitcoin not only secures your financial freedom but also fuels the growth of a new decentralized economy for Earth. That’s the power of Bitcoin Staking – By simply staking your Bitcoin (BTC) to the Social Network, you receive Staked Bitcoin (HEART) and become an integral part of a movement that’s redefining the backbone of our digital economy, social networks.

Bitcoin Staking is a new way to earn rewards by helping bootstrap the Social Network for Earth. The easiest way to participate, without the required technical knowledge of running nodes, is to simply stake Bitcoin to Social Network and receive it’s native currency, Bitcoin Hearts (HEART), which is 99% energy efficient, and orders of magnitude faster and cheaper, than L1 Bitcoin.

Stake Bitcoin to the Social Network


First Step

Obtain Bitcoin (BTC) from the open market.


Second Step

Go to, enter how much you would like to stake, and a valid Social Network public key address.

Stake HEART to the Social Network

Third Step

Click the Stake Bitcoin button to generate your unique Tapscript deposit address, and send the amount of HEART you would like to stake to this address.


Fourth Step

Once you click submit, your staking request will be submitted to the P2P Bitcoin Validator network, who after sufficient Bitcoin block confirmations will generate a threshold signature to send your HEART on the Bitcoin Layer Two Social Network.


Fifth Step

HEART will appear on your Social Network balance at a 1:369 ratio, and can be used as the native currency and gas for Social Network, deploying smart contracts, and much more.


Sixth Step

Every 24 hours, your HEART holdings will also accumulate additional rewards generated by the Social Network, by rebasing according to the amount of staking rewards generated minus any protocol fees. This ensures rewards are distributed to every stakeholder on Social Network without the need for a single operator, and all users are incentivized to grow the social network.

Social Network Rewards

Seventh Step

Real time analytics will be provided on the rewards dashboard and will be the sum of the Bitcoin Validators Threshold wallet wallet minus any fees or validator penalties.

Unstake from the Social Network to Bitcoin

How to Unstake HEART on Social Network

Earn Additional Earth Points

Early staking incentives are also available in the form of Earth points. Learn more about Earth points.

HEART: The Catalyst for Change

Bitcoin Staking is more than just bitcoin rewards; it’s a catalyst for a transformative shift in the Bitcoin ecosystem. By reducing transaction fees (sats/byte), HEART enables the growth of on-chain social networks without overburdening everyday Bitcoin node operators. It minimizes the time to finality, making Bitcoin more suitable for social media use cases, and drastically reduces the energy consumption of Bitcoin transactions by an astonishing 99%, addressing environmental concerns head-on.

Moreover, HEART lays the foundation for a decentralized and regenerative economic system to grow on the roots of Social Network staking rewards. This high-level overview illustrates how this vision can be realized while maintaining the core principles of decentralization.

Getting HEART

A user can get HEART by:

  1. Staking their Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Earning it on decentralized social networks by creating valuable content, or
  3. Holding it and earning daily HEART rewards

Staked Bitcoin Balances

A users current HEART balance can be verified by making a GET request to{your_sn_address}


HEART is a HEART pegged token, and additionally represents your shares of block rewards, MEV rewards, and much more. With HEART, you have the opportunity to earn consistent rewards on your Bitcoin.

Earn Rewards by Staking Your Bitcoin?!

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now earn rewards by staking your Bitcoin for the first time ever. How does this work? It’s made possible through Staked Bitcoin the Social Network gas token, HEART.

How HEART Rewards Work

Bitcoin Staking Rewards are designed to provide you with a seamless and rewarding experience. When you stake your assets in the Social Network ecosystem, you automatically become eligible to receive a portion of the rewards generated by the protocol. These rewards include not only the standard staking rewards but also the additional benefits that come from activities like MEV (Miner Extractable Value) rewards.

How Does HEART Work

With HEART being pegged to HEART, the value of one HEART token is designed to be equivalent to a certain amount of HEART staked to the Social Network, along with the additional rewards generated. This stability is achieved through the maintenance of a specific HEART reserve and the utilization of smart contracts and algorithms that manage the supply of HEART tokens, ensuring their value remains stable relative to HEART.

Why Choose HEART Tokens

By choosing HEART tokens, you unlock the potential to earn passive staking rewards on your Bitcoin. Staking not only distributes the security of the Bitcoin network through a decentralized network of Bitcoin Validators but also offers a hassle-free way to participate in staking and earn rewards without the need for complex setups or technical expertise.

As the staking protocol continues to evolve and optimize, you can ensure that your assets work for you in a fully decentralized and non-custodial solution.

Join the Earth Rewards program today and start earning a share of the rewards generated by the new economy for Earth. It’s a smart and rewarding choice for those looking to grow their assets while contributing to the sustainability of our planet.

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