About EARTH Tokens

EARTH Rewards represents the governance token for the Earth ecosystem, with a total supply of 774,900,000,000 tokens. These EARTH tokens serve as the governance mechanism that powers our network, enabling active participation and contributions from our community.

Earning EARTH Tokens

There are several ways to earn EARTH tokens within the Earth ecosystem:

  1. Staking Bitcoin: Securely staking either Bitcoin to Social Network makes you eligible for EARTH Rewards. Staking is non-custodial and progressively decentralized. This is the primary way to engage with the protocol and hold HEART.

  2. Running Earth Nodes: Running validators as a Node Operator also entitles you to EARTH Rewards. Your dedication to securing the network is rewarded with EARTH tokens.

  3. Joining the Ecosystem: Become part of the decentralized ecosystem, engaging in discussions, joining our ambassador program, and many other ecosystem initiatives and events where you can earn EARTH tokens for your contributions.

  4. Social Network Developers & Creators: Contribute valuable content on the decentralized Social Network integrated with the Nostr protocol to earn EARTH tokens. More details on this will be shared after the mainnet launch.

Earth Layers Unlocking

As we progress through the Earth’s Layers, new EARTH tokens are unlocked to fuel our ecosystem’s growth. Every layer, from Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, and Crust, reveals a fresh allocation of EARTH tokens. Upon the completion of one layer, the subsequent layer unlocks, making way for the distribution of new EARTH tokens. This process extends to all participants within the Earth Ecosystem, encompassing Stakers, Relayers, and Community Members. To dive deeper into the Earth Layers, you can find more information here.

Governance Contracts

EARTH token distribution will be orchestrated via the Social Network layer two, guaranteeing an equitable and transparent allocation process. Scaling on-chain governance systems to a global social network scale is achieved through our layer 2 solution known as the Social Network.” Our Sequencer - Layer 2 framework leverages the power of Optimism and its Zero-Knowledge Rollups, settling on Ethereum. Additionally, data availability is ensured through Earth Nodes, which minimizes data costs significantly. This seamless integration enables the scalability of voting mechanisms and data storage on our social network, marking a significant step towards a more efficient and inclusive governance model.

EARTH Tokenomics

EARTH is the core governance token for the Social Network Ethereum smart contracts, designed to power and govern the network.

Total Supply:

  • The total supply of EARTH tokens is fixed at 774,900,000,000 EARTH Tokens.

Token Distribution:

  • 33% of EARTH tokens are available to Bitcoin Stakers.
  • 33% of EARTH tokens are available to Earth Node Operators.
  • 33% of EARTH tokens are available to Ecosystem Builders.

Join the Testnet

In the near future, we will provide detailed overview on the full mechanics of EARTH tokens after preliminary testing is complete. Your journey with EARTH begins on the testnet, and we welcome you to join us in building a new sustainable and prosperous future for Earth while earning valuable incentives along the way.

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